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One of my favorite Maine sunrise photos…

I posted this on my Posterous blog a few days ago but try not to duplicate photo posts but I’ll make an exception on occasion. I like this shot because the water was so still and the sky so clear with just a few wispy clouds against the vivid orange. This was not color altered at all!


One of the most spectacular Maine sunrises I’ve captured

sunrise August15,2010 MDI Maine

these are not color enhanced!

Good Evening from Mount Desert Island, Maine

This weekend on Mount Desert Island, Maine…

Some amazingly talented artists will present their creations this weekend. Come see for yourselves!

A Random Nautical Photography Post…

this was taken from the town dock on the Manset shore in Southwest Harbor, Maine

Thinking cool thoughts on this hot day! Good morning from #Maine!

snow capped Sutton Island, off the coast of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Photo of the Day: the view from atop Beech Mountain, Acadia National Park

Photo of the Day…Seal Cove harbor on the western side of Mt. Desert Island

Picture of the Day…

That’s Mount Desert Island in the background. Cadillac Mountain is to the right…

Our typical “sandy” beaches here on Mount Desert Island, Maine

Our “sand” is really rock, in various sizes and colors. There are some areas along the coast with a finer grain, allowing visitors to sink their toes into the cool sand on a gorgeous summer day…