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Ahhh, soon…

I say this after an unusual 3 feet of snow on the Maine coast! This photo was taken on Third West Branch Pond north of Greenville.

Red Tree Reflection in the Lake…

This is on Lower Wilson Pond, near Moosehead Lake, Maine.

A perfect afternoon on Moosehead Lake…

Maine offers such a playground…

Leaving Beaver Cove, Moosehead Lake

High Above Moosehead Lake in a Float Plane…

Moosehead Lake is spectacular from the road or from the lake. But get yourself into a sea plane for the most amazing view ever!

Ripples and Reflections on Third West Branch Pond, Maine

Reflections on West Branch Pond in the North Woods of Maine

reflections on west branch pond, maine

West Branch Pond in the Northwoods of Maine – a tiny little gem!

Pond Grass

on Upper Wilson Lake just a few minutes from Moosehead Lake and Greenville, Maine – love this beautiful, calm lake!