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Color and Depth of Field…



This photo was taken at the Gifted Hand show a couple years back in Ellsworth, Maine. I bought some of the Sister’s Soaps but it was the amazing color that caught my eye!



Fun with my macro lens…

This is a Kosta Boda glass sculpture that stands about 2.5 -3 inches tall on a piece of Maine granite (they come without stands) so my husband mounted it with a clear glue. I have a few of these amazing pieces of art  – we first saw them on a trip to Sweden – check them out !

By Kosta Boda

Color, Lighting, Composition and Depth of Field…

Sometimes it’s as much about the depth of field, lighting and color, for me, as it is the entire composition or subject. I like this shallow depth of field combined with the lighting which allowed me to achieve some pretty interesting bokeh! This was from a craft fair in Ellsworth, Maine last year and this was the Lucky Dog Gallery display.

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