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Links for Foodies

I’M WRITING A COOKBOOK! follow my progress and see photos on Musings of the Food Madam:

shallots and eggplant

farmers market orange cherry tomatoes

Maine blueberries

Maine blueberry cookie

Colorful cooking

Maine Markets, Farmers Markets, Organic Growers – coming soon

Maine Restaurants –,, Portland’s Dining Scene. Some of my personal favorites, Havana in Bar Harbor (and now in Portland); Town Hill Bistro on MDI; Emilitsa, Portland; The Salt Exchange, Portland; Local 188, Portland; Bar Lola, Portland

Maine Bed and Breakfasts – check out

TASTESPOTTINGnot Maine specific, but a fabulous foodie site. They have tough criteria for submissions. I’ve been lucky enough to have a few published!



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