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One of more than 60 Maine lighthouses: Bass Head Light

baSS harbor head light

I think I’ve been to every lighthouse on the Maine coast accessible by car, and a few accessible by boat as well…but not all 60, YET…

Caught the Victory Chimes during a voyage up the coast yesterday

The Maine Windjammer Association offers some wonderful information and links to 12 tall sailing ships. Victory Chimes often comes up to Southwest Harbor on Mount Desert Island from Rockland harbor.

Photo of the Day: the view from atop Beech Mountain, Acadia National Park

Picture of the Day…Seawall, Acadia National Park

Picture of the Morning: Around the bend from Sand Beach, Acadia National Park, Maine

Beautiful any time of year…

Maine Maple Sunday in March…an annual springtime tradition

March 22, 2009 is Maine’s Maple Sunday. It’s the participating farms’ opportunity to give visitors an understanding of just what goes into creating that beautiful amber colored syrup known as sweet liquid gold. Come see what tasty treats our sugarhouses have to offer!

Kennebunkport Beach…

February in Maine…by the looks of the people and dogs walking along the beach you’d probably assume this was Spring or Fall? It was February 8th, cold and windy and I had a showing at the 1802 House Bed & Breakfast (which has amongst the most fantastic owner’s quarters of any inn I’ve seen). Naturally I combined business with pleasure (why not, it’s part of my job!) and my husband came with me. He dropped me off at the inn and headed off to the beach to take some photos. This was taken just around from the famous Dock Square, home of two of my favorite galleries, Abacus and Compliments. We ate a late lunch at Alisson’s and enjoyed a heaping plate of fried clams and local micro brews (for me, Riptide Red, my husband, Shipyard Export). Kennebunkport has really become a year round destination, with shops and restaurants open throughout the winter, giving bed and breakfasts true reason to stay open in the off season.