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Coming up, the popular Maine Lobster Festival!

August 4th through 8th in Rockland


Lobstermen’s Gear

this was a shot my husband captured (credit where credit is due) of a lobster trap on Little Cranberry Island at the Isleford Dock, off the coast of Mount Desert Island, Maine

The View from Beals Lobster, looking toward Bernard and Mansell Mountains, Acadia National Park

Summer in Maine…Grilled Lobster

Boil for 5 minutes, then submerge in ice to stop the cooking. Crack the shell in various spots, drizzle with melted butter, cook face down on a medium grill for 8 minutes; flip them over, continue to baste with butter another 4-5 minutes (making sure to get some char on the shell) and enjoy! You’ll be amazed at what it does to the texture. TENDER!