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Scenes from Boothbay Harbor, Maine last summer…

sailing in Boothbay Harbor, Maine


Good Morning from Maine!

Good Morning from Maine!


Orange Moon Rising

Orange Moon Rising

Captured this before the orange tint faded!

Fireworks in Southwest Harbor, Maine!

7-4-13 fireworks in SWH 4 7-4-13 fireworks in SWH 16 7-4-13 fireworks in SWH 40 7-4-13 fireworks in SWH 110 7-4-13 fireworks in SWH c-2 7-4-13 fireworks in SWH c-3 7-4-13 fireworks in SWH c-5 7-4-13 fireworks in SWH c-6 7-4-13 fireworks in SWH c-7 7-4-13 fireworks in SWH c-8 7-4-13 fireworks in SWH c-9 7-4-13 fireworks in SWH c-10


This year, fireworks were launched from a barge off Dysarts Marina (it looks as if the boat is on fire!) and were sponsored by Gilley’s Head of the Harbor Restaurant along with several donors to make it happen! This was the view from my house, so I set up the camera and tripod and hoped for good weather! It was my first time shooting fireworks and it wasn’t easy manually focusing on a moving subject in the dark but some of these came out pretty well.


Lilacs…a Sign of Summer…

Lilacs...a Sign of Summer...

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Wishing I had more time for photography…

As I look back through my photo archives I realize how much I miss taking photos on a daily basis. It was like a daily exercise, but exercising my creativity and mind. But with so much juggling going on right now between real estate and innkeeping, something had to be put on the back burner and photography it was. So I just wanted to post a few of my favorite flower photos, just something about the natural lighting and  Mother Nature’s detail…