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A great new Acadia National Park iPhone app by Chimani!

Chimani has just introduced this fabulous new iPhone application for Acadia National Park! Since I live on MDI surrounded by Acadia, I was happy to give it a test run.

It’s stocked with loads of information – hiking and biking trail information, sunrise and sunset times, loads of maps, ranger events, the Island Explorer free shuttle service locations/information and an auto tour with audio containing informative details about Acadia National Park. It’s like having a private tour guide in your car!

The visual aspect is one I can appreciate. There are beautiful photos, detailed maps (complete with contour lines) and it’s easy to navigate. This is a serious electronic guide book – handy in size and as detailed as you would need. It contains plenty of history about the trails and the trail construction (much like my favorite book “A Walk in the Park” by Tom St. Germain). But there are times when you don’t have a guide book with you. This is convenience without compromising any details.

I highly recommend you download this app. Nicely done, Chimani!


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