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Just uncorked a fabulous aged red…

What does this have to do with Maine? A very close friend of mine gave me a bottle of Duckhorn Napa Valley 2000 Merlot right before I left Maryland and moved to Maine. I just today decided to open it. The combination of the gorgeous weather and a nice wedge of St. Agur blue cheese and I headed straight to the wine fridge.

Probably hard to tell from this lighting but the wine had a gorgeous tawny maroon hue to it (less purple, more brown) – often the sign of a nicely aged wine. And I’m not a big fan of a Merlot just off the shelf…but this one? Incredible. I keep sniffing it, the bouquet is that good! Still a little tannic so it might have held out a few more years. But I’m happy with it today. Thanks, Steve. 🙂


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