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Beautiful May in Maine…

There’s really nothing like a nice springtime in Maine (well, other than a beautiful summer with 80 degree weather and low humidity) with the flowers and trees in bloom and just the right amount of rain to do its magic. I had to drive down the coast a couple days ago and stopped along the way to take some pictures (I’ve finally learned how to use the manual settings on my DSLR – not easy when it’s not the same setting as my old Canon AE-1 35mm!). I love taking macro shots, but I am limited to the macro setting on my camera since I haven’t yet purchased the macro lens.

This was a lovely downtown area of Bath, just steps from the shipyard and the brick-clad commercial shops and restaurants. Quite charming. I stopped for an iced latte at Cafe Creme before heading back to MDI. It was a nice day in the car with the top down…I love our Maine weather…


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