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Get INNspired Innkeeping Seminars for Rookies…

I had a conversation with an aspiring innkeeper a couple days ago about the details of our upcoming seminar and innkeeping in general. The course is a fantastic way to get your feet wet and really learn what you need to before you buy an inn. It’s also a great way to network with other first time innkeepers or aspiring innkeepers, sharing concerns and ideas before purchasing as well as sharing stories by keeping in touch after buying a property. Being well prepared and having others to lean on is of great comfort when you enter into something entirely new. Quite often attendees will not necessarily know what, when or where they want to buy, and that’s perfectly okay. We have clients who have attended seminars and have been looking for quite some time; and they’ll know when the time is right for them or when they’ve found the right property.

What you’ll take away from our experienced course contributors will better prepare you to look for the inn or bed and breakfast with an open mind but will suit your needs.

And always remember, innkeeping is about a lifestyle, an investment, a job and a home. How much emphasis you place on each is up to you; that’s the beauty of it…


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