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Ahhhh, Winter in Maine on an Arctic Cat…

Yes, that’s me! On the stylish two-up sled from North Country Rivers in Bingham, Maine (love the animal print seat). It was approaching 40 degrees, the sun was out and the trails were fantastic (or wicked good as the locals say). Even in the 20’s, there are hand warmers in the grips, and your feet get enough engine warmth, though I use foot warmers in my boots when I’m the passenger enjoying the views (I don’t think my husband trusts my lead foot).

Below is the fully equipped and reasonably priced cabin we rented – they offer accommodations for 2 people up to large groups. Each cabin has a spacious living room, TV, DVD player, full kitchen, bedrooms and full bath with linens.

And this is the dam that controls the Kennebec River just down from the property (great for white water rafting trips)

Did you know there are more than 13,500 miles of groomed snowmobile trails in Maine? Our day trip began in Bingham on ITS 87 and headed for The Forks Resort Center and the Kennebec River Pub & Brewery where I enjoyed a juicy burger and a fantastic “Red Head Sled” brew. Limiting the intake to just one, we headed back down the Bald Mountain Trail and encountered some of the best trail conditions we’ve seen over the years. Outdoor enthusiasts, Maine is the place for you, in all seasons!

Fun in the great outdoors of Maine…Pure white snow, pine scented forests and unspoiled beauty. Maine…the way life should be…


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