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Portland’s Western Promenade…

My husband and I just came back from a quick trip down to Portland and I know I spoke about Portland just a few days ago, but this was one of those right time and place moments. There was just enough snow on the ground, hazy snowy skies, cold temperatures but everyone was still out and about on the streets of the Old Port downtown. We ate dinner at a small, creative, fusion (my favorite style) cafe, Walter’s. We stayed at one of the most elegant and whimsical B&B’s, Pomegranate Inn, which is currently owned by Kim Swan of The Swan Agency. Situated in the heart of the lovingly restored neighborhood of the “West End” (if you aren’t familiar with this area, it’s a gorgeous section of historic mansions at the top of a hill which collectively overlook the working waterfront of Portland), one is more breathtaking than the next. Most remain private homes but the neighborhood is peppered with boutique businesses. Therein lies Pomegranate. The West End is a wonderful area to walk around and enjoy the history, architecture, array of dining choices and the grandeur of long ago.


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